BidWeb Academy

Bidweb Academy

Formation of intellectual capital in information security, with training, awareness, and professional qualification.

There is no information security without skilled people. This goes for all levels of work. With this in mind, Bidweb conducts its business with customers in a wide range of areas.

But it takes investment and time to train professionals. That’s why we created Bidweb Academy, our specialized cybersecurity workforce.

The Bidweb Academy will format specific courses to certify at the following levels:

  • Professional

  • Specialization

More and more, technologies spread across economic activities and form complex environments for professional activity. This scenario points to cybersecurity as a cornerstone of business activity. We must ensure the security of the informational environment and data privacy.

Bidweb Academy activities will begin shortly. Stay tuned for our communication channels for more project details.

The Market requires skilled and certified professionals with deep knowledge of information technology to generate effective security solutions.

Soon, Bidweb Academy will begin its activities to train the best information technology and cybersecurity professionals in the region.